bizzy bee bags

Lovely bags made to order.

Hey, here are some of those awesome bags your friends have been sporting!


Pick up to four swatches from the swatch page, tell me your embroidery wishes, and I’ll make you a bag. (See sidebar on the right for pricing and other information.)

You’ll need to tell me which fabric you want for the front bottom, front top, back, and back pocket (if desired). Strap will be in a coordinating cotton print fabric or solid canvas. I will add a matching-ish liner if the bag needs it for body or reinforcement.

Example email message you might send me:

Hi, this is Elsa, and I’d love a bag with the following:

Back panel – red canvas
Back pocket – yellow polka dots
Front top – yellow plaid
Front bottom – yellow dragonfly fabric
Embroidery ideas – on the bottom front panel, outline the dragonflies in bright colors, and link them all with stitched lines showing their flight paths


Hi, this is Sissy, and I’d love a bag that’s all navy blue canvas except for the front bottom panel. On that part, please embroider the line drawing I have attached to this email. Color choices are yours, but I prefer to stay with cooler colors ranging from yellow to green to blue.


You have to pay or arrange barter for the bag before it will be sent. I will reply to your email with the actual cost, typically not to exceed $40 or some help in the yard. 🙂

Check back often, as new swatches will be added all the time!

To order, choose up to four swatches from the examples below. You’ll be choosing the back panel, back pocket (if you want one), front top panel, and front bottom panel (where the embroidery is most often done).

Cut and paste the following information into the comments section of the form below, with your swatch names and a message that tells me what kind of embroidery you want (“front bottom panel, some kind of hippy flower thing, stick with pastel yellow, blue and green” or “here’s my attached line drawing; use this for the bottom front panel, and the colors are up to you”).

I will email you with a price and estimated turn-around time.

Fabric for back panel:

Fabric for back pocket:

Fabric for front top panel:

Fabric for front bottom panel:

Embroidery instructions:

Anything you DON’T want to see?